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Keyway in Shaft. Up to and Size. Width, W. Thickness, a The key chamfer shall be the minimum to clear the keyway radius. All dimensions in inches. Standard Keyway Dimensions ; /16, 5/8, ; /8, 5/8, ; /16, 5/8, ; /2, 5/8, Bore□and□Keyway□dimensions□comply□with□ANSI/AGMA□B04□Standard. Clearance Bore. Interference Bore. Keyway Keyway Tolerances per ISO

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Keyway Tolerance Chart; Ansi Keyway Tolerance; Keyway Slot Dimensions The following tables show standard dimensions for keys and their grooves. Sprocket Bore Tolerance & Standard Keyway & Set Screw Size Based Off Sprocket Bore Size. ANSI Sprocket Standard Keyway & Setscrews. Tolerances Table for feather keys and keyways. Dimensions mm. Range. Feather key Section. Width. Nominal. Tolerances on b. Shaft diameter. Nominal.

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Key and keyway dimensions. Below is a reference on shaft diameters and the corresponding keys / keyways according to the prevailing standards. Keyed Shafts. TB Wood's Standard Bore Tolerances. Metric Standard Bore and Keyway Info. Recommended Bore Tolerance for Metric Shafts (mm). Nominal Shaft. The inch and metric dimensions here correspond to common values. Detailed width tolerance (A), Bottom of Keyway to Bottom of Shaft (B), Keyway Width.