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Magnetic Particle inspection is a Non Destructive Testing method for the detection of surface or near surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as steel. Magnetic particle inspections are a type of surface NDE that is primarily used to detect surface defects. A magnetic field is produced in the area of. Magnetic Particle Testing is a quick, cost-effective NDT inspection method that is used to detect surface and near-surface discontinuities.

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Magnetic Particle Inspection NDT Magnetic (symbol MT) is a technique based on magnetic fields and/or electromagnetic. It is limited to surface defects but is. This testing method is called MT (Magnetic Testing) or MPT (Magnetic Particle Testing), and suitable for the surface / subsurface flaw inspection of. Carry out magnetic particle inspection; Write clear and concise inspection instructions and test reports; Meet syllabus requirements for CSWIP, PCN Level 2.

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Magnetic Particle inspection technique involves the magnetization of a component, followed by the application of ferromagnetic particles. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI testing) detects all surface- and near surface- crack type defects which, corresponding to their position and size. Magnetic particle testing is a non-destructive testing method in order to detect surface and sub-surface irregularities in ferrous parts. As a first step a.