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You must present your letter at the Coyote Bookstore in order to purchase your honor cord. Graduate students do not wear honor cords. Departmental Honors. The wearing of cords and sashes during commencement is reserved for academic honor societies, university honors, distinguished graduates. Our NSLS cords come in elegant black and platinum, featuring thick tassels at the bottom. Wear them with our Graduation Stole for full honors!

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Wisremt M Graduation Cords with Tassel Polyester Yarn Honor Cord for Graduation Students DIY Craft Braided Decoration Rope Drawstring. Medals, Cords, Honors. ASU will be providing medals to graduates on a first come, first serve basis during rehearsal (see Day of Graduation). Cords and. Students on the honors list do not need to petition to purchase an honors cord. Students may use this petition if they expect to be within reach of earning.

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Honors Cords/Sashes. Only sashes or honor cords awarded through institutionally recognized leadership organizations or membership in academic organizations. Graduate, you're going to walk with Honors! Check the link below to match your group to your cord colors! Cords & Stoles. In addition to the traditional cap and gown worn at Commencement, some students are also eligible for honor cords or stoles. At Loyola.