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Chrome keeps its history in an SQLite file in %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default, named, conveniently enough, History. You can load it into.

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Feb 07,  · Method #5: Reinstall Google Chrome. If sync is enabled in your Google account, then your personal data is backed up to the cloud. Bookmarks, search history, passwords – everything is stored. As soon as you sign in on a new device, Google syncs this data to it. You can use this feature to recover deleted history on Google Chrome too.

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To use this extension, click the puzzle piece in the top right, then click on Export Chrome History. This extension is limited by Chrome's 3 month limit - this is separate from your google account's history. If you have a Google account and need browser history from more than 3 months ago, please search online for help with Google Takeout instead.