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The brown pelican, like all seabirds, gets most of its food from marine sources. This species' preferred prey includes small schooling fishes. The brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) is the smallest of all pelican species, ranging in weight from only six to 12 pounds. Five subspecies of brown. Its neck is dark brown during breeding season. Young pelicans are all brown. The brown pelican has a very long gray bill with a large pouch of skin. Its pouch.

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The Pelicans are characterized by their long beaks and large throat pouch. The throat pouch is used to catch prey and then draining the water from the scooped. Ten fun facts about Pelicans Pelicans live mainly in warm regions nears coasts and estuaries. These birds have large webbed feet which enable them to propel. Description: The brown pelican is a large, grayish-brown bird with a blackish belly and a white head and neck. It has a long beak with a thin, membranous pouch.

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Their color varies between species, so you might see a white pelican or a grayish-brown pelican. They have short legs, so they waddle when they walk. Pelicans. Brown Pelicans are fish-eaters which typically feed on fish not consumed by humans, such as menhaden, bat anchovies and, www.atobin.runs fly low over the ocean. brown pelican. Pelecanus occidentalis. What do they look like? Brown pelicans have a large body and a long bill. They have a huge.