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Please consult the UD Bookstore for details. Book vouchers are usually issued in amounts not exceeding $ Students who find that cost of the books exceeds. Book Vouchers to be used at the EKU Bookstore can be requested from your EKU DIRECT account. All Students wishing to purchase their books on account MUST. The book voucher is an advance of financial aid and the book charge is placed on the student's tuition account. If the student's financial aid does not fully.

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Give them one of our gift vouchers and let them select their own books at their leisure. Voucher codes can be used on our website to place orders for any of our. The college will pay for book voucher(s) up to: a. $ per course (up to 6 credits) for all CSN courses taken through the Classified Training Program. Students expecting a financial aid refund are eligible to receive a book Students can request a voucher for books only, uniforms/skills pack only.

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Book Vouchers. Students using certain types of financial aid or a payment plan may be able to pay for books and supplies by requesting a Book Voucher. This. No need for cash or card payments with our Book Fair Gift Vouchers! · Your school will earn Rewards for free books on the full value of the voucher. · Once a. Q: When can a Book Voucher be requested? A: Book Vouchers requests are made available to students the first day of the Registration period. Q: How does it work?